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4575-77 Pescadero Ave

San Diego






6 beds 6 baths 6,468 sqft



Listed in Rancho Santa Fe

BEST VALUE IN POINT LOMA for TWO FULLY REMODELED DETACHED LUXURY HOMES ON 1 LOT! Welcome Home to this luxury custom-built front home, designed & built by top builder team! Nothing was missed in this exquisite Sunset Cliffs property! Back unit fully remodeled & turnkey! TWO SEPARATE fully fenced private homes act as neighbors on ONE lot & a 3rd unit FULLY permitted & ready to build. With this Unique and rare luxury multi-unit property, you won’t have a shortage of space for guests, aging parents, college-aged children, or rental income. The possibilities are endless for this multi-unit ocean-view private property!


The Front Main House is approx. 2150 sqft and boasts full NEW BUILD luxury featuring: 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms finished with Euro Oak engineered Hardwood floors & all custom designed & built real-wood cabinetry throughout. Family rm spotlights a heat producing electric fireplace w/marble stone tile, also featured throughout the home. The open concept kitchen is equipped with luxury stainless steel appliances, separate wine & beverage bar, oversized pantry & nearby large walk-in laundry room. Primary Suite highlights ocean views, a private sundeck entry, an oversized his/her walk-in closet with an en-suite bathroom fit for royalty! With Ocean Views from nearly every room in the house & deck. Enjoy your own selection of music with a complete HEOS surround sound system throughout.


The rooftop deck sets the stage w/panoramic 180-degree ocean views and gas fire pit for enjoying your quiet evenings under the stars. SEE SUPPLEMENTTake shelter from the cool evenings & coastal dew on the main-level deck equipped with heat lamps, custom folding doors and kitchen windows connect you to the beautifully designed kitchen for full Cali Living! All decks designed w/custom handmade iron railings and tempered glass panels for full ocean view enjoyment and top-of-the-line Azek decking allow for easy lifetime maintenance.


This low maintenance fully usable large yard is perfect for children or even considering your own pool build. With auto irrigation and shaded deck area for lounging, this home is a true GEM and a RARE find in Coastal San Diego! The Fully Detached Guest House has its own address and features approx 750 sqft with full kitchen, two large bedrooms and a custom-tiled full bathroom. This separately detached home has a large, private fully enclosed outdoor yard with an entertainment patio and peak-a-boo ocean views as well as its own off-street parking, oversized tandem garage w/ full laundry. With a private driveway and off-street parking with alley access, entry to & from this home allows it to act as its own property!


 About the Fully Permitted ADU. (See attached APPROVED PLANS! ) The permitted plans feature its own street address, private entry, approx 500 sqft, 1 large bedroom & full bath, full kitchen, living room and possibility to build a stackable laundry area. The Juliet balcony from Primary Suite offers spectacular westerly sunset ocean views. Choose to build something else here? Contact the City for easy design changes! This Sunset Cliffs, Pacific Ocean Coastline Neighborhood is home to many amazing restaurants, shops, boutiques, beautiful surf & swim beaches, award-winning schools and the very popular Liberty Station! You will NOT find another newly built TURN-KEY multi-unit property like this one. Going, Going, GONE!

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Presented By

Vanessa Virissimo

REALTOR® | CA DRE DRE 02024331 

ABOUT VANESSA: As a native Southern Californian with strong Hispanic roots, Vanessa brings a unique and personal view of client relations. She understands the variety of cultures in Southern California and the importance of meeting all her clients’ needs equally. With over 25 years of experience in high producing teams in San Diego, LA and Las Vegas, Vanessa knows the real estate market and its pitfalls and swings.

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