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7588 Vista Rancho Court Rancho Santa Fe-1.jpg

7588 Vista Rancho Ct
Rancho Santa Fe






6 beds 6 baths 6,468 sqft



Listed in Rancho Santa Fe

Enjoy incredible sweeping panoramic south-westerly views over Rancho Santa Fe. One of only 22 homes in the gated community of The Summit at Rancho Santa Fe. A beautifully renovated modern masterpiece, single level home that has it all. Complete with custom upgrades, this elegant estate features all new panoramic windows throughout.

The open floor plan show cases the exquisite living room with a 22 foot floor to ceiling height that leads to the fully remodeled Chef's kitchen with a spacious double island, quartz countertops, modern cabinetry w/Blum hardware and top of the line Miele appliances. Stunning movie theatre w/incredible surround sound. The five en-suite bedrooms are fully customized w/new solid wood doors custom closets throughout.

Sparkling pool and spa with fountain features, outdoor living with a covered pavilion with BBQ, full kitchen and bar, Incredible lush property with numerous fruit trees and an amazing sport court for basketball or set up your own pickle-ball court. This is a stunning property with so much more to mention


Enjoy incredible sweeping panoramic south-westerly views over Rancho Santa Fe. One of only 22 homes in the gated community of The Summit at Rancho Santa Fe. A beautifully renovated modern masterpiece, single level home that has it all. Complete with custom upgrades, this elegant estate features all new panoramic windows throughout.


Presented By

Theresa Irick

REALTOR® | CA DRE DRE 01104417 

REVIEW OF THERESA: “Theresa was great! We were selling a parent's home from a distance, and Theresa took care of every aspect of our needs. She even checked up on the house and some of the automatic systems, to make sure they were working okay, while we were away. She helped us find other professional in the area to help us prepare the house for selling. Theresa is very personable, knowledgeable, proactive. I would highly recommend her.”
—Chuck Uebele


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96-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _02
95-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _01
97-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _03
98-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _04
99-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _05
100-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _06
102-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _08
101-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _07
103-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _09
104-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _10
106-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _12
105-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _11
116-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _22
117-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _23
118-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _24
119-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _25
121-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _27
120-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _26
123-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _29
122-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _28
125-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _31
124-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _30
126-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _32
127-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _33
129-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _35
128-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _34
130-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _36
133-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _39
131-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _37
132-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _38
135-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _41
136-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _42
134-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _40
137-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _43
138-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _44
141-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _47
139-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _45
142-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _48
140-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _46
143-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _49
144-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _50
114-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _20
115-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _21
113-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _19
112-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _18
111-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _17
110-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _16
109-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _15
108-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _14
107-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Twilight _13
2-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_01
4-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_03
1-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave-1
3-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_02
5-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_04
6-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_05
11-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_23
7-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave-2
9-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_21
10-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_22
8-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave-3
12-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_24
14-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_26
13-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_25
15-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_27
17-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_29
16-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_28
18-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_30
19-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_37
20-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_38
21-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_39
22-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_40
24-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_65
23-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_41
26-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_77
25-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_66
28-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_56
27-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_67
31-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_64
29-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_62
30-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_63
32-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_57
34-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_69
33-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_68
35-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_43
36-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_44
38-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_76
37-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_45
43-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_47
39-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_70
40-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_58
41-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_59
44-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_60
42-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_46
45-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_55
46-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_48
48-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_54
49-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_71
47-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_53
50-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_72
51-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_78
52-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave-4
54-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_07
53-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_06
56-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_09
55-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_08
58-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_11
57-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_10
59-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_12
61-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_15
60-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_14
62-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_16
63-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_17
64-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_19
67-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_13
66-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_18
65-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_79
68-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_31
70-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_32
69-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_42
74-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_36
72-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_34
71-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_33
73-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_35
76-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_74
75-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_73
79-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_50
77-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_75
78-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_49
81-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_51
80-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_61
82-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_52
83-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave_20
84-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-1
87-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-4
85-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-2
86-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-3
89-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-6
88-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-5
92-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-9
91-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-8
90-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-7
94-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-11
93-print-4575-77 Pescadero Ave Aerial-10
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